October 10, 2022

Understanding the Salesforce CPQ Process Flow

The Salesforce CPQ sales process can be broadly classified into 3:

  1. New Sale – The sales rep is selling to a customer for the first time or the sales rep is doing a resale of a product which needs to be on a separate contract.
  2. Contract Renewal – The customer’s existing contract has come to an end and they are renewing. The customer may want to add new products or remove products during this transaction.
  3. Contract Amendment – The customer wants to amend their existing contract mid-term. The customer may want to add new products or increase quantity, they may also want to co-term the additional products.

All three processes are supported in Salesforce CPQ, automatic prices proration and uplifts are also calculated and applied by the CPQ package in a seamless manner.
The contract renewal and contract amendment processes, to a large extent, follow a similar process as the new sale process shown in the image below.


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